The ESG way to invest

PETALING JAYA: Investors who value sustainability can now easily find the right places to put their money.

Through the newly-introduced FTSE4Good (F4GM) Bursa Malaysia Index Futures, they will get to include sustainable investment themes into their portfolios.

The F4GM, which was launched by Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Bhd today, is a futures contract based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) requirements.

The F4GM index measures the performance of more than 80 Malaysian public-listed companies from across small, medium and large market capitalisation segments that demonstrate strong ESG practices, Bursa Malaysia Derivatives said.

Its acting director, Mohd Saleem Kader Bakas, said the F4GM would offer a diverse range of products for responsible investing.

“With F4GM, Malaysian investors will be able to align their financial goals with their ESG values. It is also a new avenue that will enable more capital to flow towards sustainable investments, supporting the growth of ESG-compliant Malaysian public-listed companies and benefiting Malaysia’s economic growth overall,” he said.

Priced at RM50 per index point, the F4GM was made available for trade from today via the CME Globex, a global electronic trading platform.

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